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Investment management & advisory firm.
focused on the delivery of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.


Website – design & build

Built on WordPress

My Role:

UX Design
Account management

My Process / Deliverables:

Information architecture
Website design & build


Client contract
Lokal Workshop


Problem Statement:

To convey the wealth of experience despite the companies infancy. Guiding the journey for key personas towards products such as – thematic funds, managed portfolios, partnership portfolios, and  product development advisory.

Brightlight had just launched as a company and required an online presence to share their work and connect with future investors.

Despite its infancy, the company had some of Australia’s most experienced heads in ethical and impact investing. 

The Team: Working with the Lokal Workshop team:
Alex Vavich – UI Designer
Adrian Adermann – Interaction & Motion Designer
Rob Maric – WordPress Developer


1. Limited content 

Due to the company only recently starting, it was difficult to gather content. There were a number of projects in the pipeline, but not yet signed off. A couple of potential team members about to join, but not yet confirmed. 

2. Firm in its infancy

Service offerings were still be formulated and confirmed. While the ship was being built, we were commissioned to be packaging and presenting it. 

3. Concern of cannibalisation

Born out of an established superannuation fund. Awareness was required in the product selection and presentation of the offering that this did not cannibalise the established brand.


User flow
Starting with a very simple a high level overview of the user flow. This allowed us to understand the options of the user journey. 

Brightlight - Framework Mindmap

Further developing this user journey into a detailed wireframe allowed us to layout the important information and move components around to create the most sensible user experience.

This also allowed us to have a broad framework to be able to follow up on required content for missing sections. 

Brightlight - Wireframes

Communicate the positive impact and outlook of Brightlight
Brightlight is an incredibly optimistic brand. With a view of the financial sector doing good in the world. This positive outlook needed to be conveyed throughout the user experience. 

Brightlight – Project

Easy access to projects and impacts
While a number of the projects were still under wraps, we developed an interactive map showing the impact being felt around the world. 

Projects were scattered across the map, showing the global impact. Each project could be expanded to provide more colour to the stories of positive change.

Brightlight – Responsive designs

Highlighting the areas of focus Brightlight has was crucial for the users of this website. 

Clean, smooth user experience
The Brightlight website was designed so that users can quickly access the services provided, see case studies of current projects and along the way building trust by revealing the experience of the team.  

Presenting the experience and trustworthiness of the team
While the firm was new, the experience in impact investing was vast amongst the team. Highlighting this wealth of experience was important to build trust with users and potential future partners.  

Brightlight – Team
"I have engaged Garth on a number of complex projects and he has delivered outstanding results in every instance. As an individual, he a true pleasure to work with and as a professional, he brings a rare combination of strategic understanding and excellence in delivery. I have seen him motivate and engage teams consistently and recommend him very highly."
Jai Sharma – Brightlight
Jai Sharma
Executive Director, Brightlight