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Personal care products.
Owned by the multi-national corporation Procter & Gamble.


eCommerce website – UX & CRO

My Role:

Account Management
UX Design
Conversion Rate Optimisation

My Process / Deliverables:

Content audit
Heuristic analysis
Competitor Comparison
Journey mapping
Analysis & review 


Client contract
Matter Design & Digital


Problem Statement:

To increase subscriptions by 50%, year on year. While adding 4 new collections including 50 new one-time purchase products. 

Matter Design & Digital had recently launched a new eCommerce website for Gillette. This site was focused on subscription purchases only, with plans to expand into one-time purchase products.

Over the course of a year, we worked in sprints to make iterative improvements on the site, focusing in improving the user experience and conversion rate. In addition to this approach, we ran small projects to add new features and new product collections to the site. 

The Team: I provided account management and strategic direction for the sites UX and CRO improvements. Liaising with Procter & Gamble as well as Matter Design & Digital’s development team and UI design team.


1. Complex range of stakeholders

In an arrangement like this there were a number of layers of invested stakeholders. Having open collaboration and gaining consensus could be complex. 

2. Complexity of the system build 

Custom middleware was required in connecting the eCommerce site, subscription software and fulfilment application. In addition the number of marketing applications added on and this had become a complex system.  

3. Working with performance marketing agency

While I had a good relationship with the performance marketing agency, it could be challenging at times in aligning to provide a united front to the client.


Working with a company such as Procter & Gamble required discipline and focus in following their regulations and required steps of approval. 

To action change did take several more steps compared to other clients. The process we had needed to adapt to this. 

Wireframes for new ideas
Ideas were workshopped with the client as wireframes as we continued to refine towards the smoothest user experience possible. 

Gillette - Mobile Nav Wireframes

Mega Menu redesign
With the introduction of womens products into the website a redesign of the mega menu was required. 

A reworking of the whole menu design took into consideration user research of both men and women. Requiring collections be segmented by how the user desires, in addition to the predetermined brand product collections. 

Gillette - Mega Menu

Testing & Analysis of new features
Analysis was conducted continuously to uncover how users were browsing the website and converting throughout the buying journey. From these insights, the website was iteratively updated to improve the conversion rate. 

The introduction and testing of features such as reviews, product images, product details were reviewed to increase the ease of use. 

Gillette - Women - Braun

Improved product page UI
Three iterations of the subscription options were tested on the product page before settling on the option shown above. 

This proved to be most user friendly for Gillette as it surfaces the options without the need for dropdowns or hidden elements. The one-time purchase option was accessible through a radio dial and when selected the messaging changes. 

Gillette - Product Page

GWP & upsells were highlighted
A popup was placed immediately after adding a product to the cart to highlight any relevant free gift-with-purchase products and provide options for related upsell products. 

This proved to be complex from a technical point of view connecting the subscription application, middleware connecting with the fulfilment application and the eCommerce checkout. I worked with developers to find the solution they needed as well as providing a seamless user experience on the front end. 



sprint cycles completed


new product ranges added to the site


new system implementations


migration of content from multiple other sites into this site

"Garth’s presence in a client meeting really sets the tone from the outset, guiding and initiating conversations to tease out valuable information to build a very thought through scope for a project is second to none."
Ash Durham - Matter Design & Digital
Ash Durham
Lead Developer, Matter Design & Digital