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Intranet of Systems – plan, design, build & rollout

My Role:

Business Analysis
UX Design
Change Management
Project Implementation

My Process / Deliverables:

Business Analysis
UX review
Stakeholder interviews
System Map / Information architecture
Full intranet build
Analysis & review 


Fulltime employment


Problem Statement:

McCrindle needed to improve the ways information was passed down from leadership, while significantly reducing the amount of time training and onboarding new team members. In an effort to increase efficiencies and meet growth targets.

McCrindle has an excellent team culture. Additionally, hiring high performing individuals who produce outstanding results.  

What the company lacked was a platform to document all the knowledge that these individuals held inside their heads. Pealing back the layers of static word documents, a solution was found in the development of an intranet. 

The Team: Initially this project was initiated by myself. I built out the base structure of the platform and the first 50 processes into the intranet. After that I was working to empower the whole team to contribute to adding processes. This involved team members from the research team, design team, communications team and administrative team. 


1. Heavily reliant on manual, inefficient processes

I conducted research and journey mapping of user experiences throughout the business. It became clear that there were many areas within McCrindle that could be improved by documenting processes and working towards an ideal-state of operation.

2. Legacy systems and platforms

The platforms used at McCrindle had been developed over many years. The internal documentation was done as static text documents and often hard to find, deep within folder structures. For a young and vibrant team, this was frustrating and a blockage.

3. Differing opinions between teams

McCrindle has a great culture. Often celebrating each others successes. But between teams there are often conflicting opinions and priorities.


Documentation of current state whole business flow
Creating a high level overview of the business flow allowed me to understand the business and identify the areas causing the greatest blockages. And focus on these first. 

Information architecture of all processes throughout the business
After doing research with each team in the company, an information architecture map was developed. To develop the base structure of the intranet. 

McCrindle – Information Architecture Mapping

Team empowerment, incentives and embracing change
My role required change management of the whole team.

I knew that the intranet would need a base number of systems added to make the platform useful. I estimated that this number for this business would be around 200. And incentivised the team to reach this number of 200 processes in the first 5 months.

I used a cricket inspired worm graph to track our progress, and at key milestones provide rewards if targets had been met (the first target of 50 systems in 2 months was missed, the second target of 100 systems in 3 months was achieved and the third target of 200 systems in 5 months was achieved). 

McCrindle – Intranet Worm

Intranet built with 300+ systems
Assisting McCrindle during a restructure in preparation for growing into a medium sized business.

Building an intranet from the ground up. Documenting 300+ systems in the first year of implementation.

The documentation of these processes allowed for: more efficient production, faster onboarding training of new team members, a base-level guide for iterative improvement and a guide for performance management. All in readiness for upcoming, predicted business growth. 

Note: UI was not addressed, but simply using the out-of-the-box template from Google Sites. 



intranet built from the ground up


systems documented


teams empowered to be contributing into the future


hours of online training made available

"Working alongside Garth was an absolute pleasure! He is a fantastic blend of structural and strategic thinking with a creative flair. This combined with his unique ability to translate big ideas into action, makes him an asset to any team. The legacy that he set in motion through the intranet during his time at McCrindle still lives on today."
Sophie Renton - McCrindle
Sophie Renton
Managing Director