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Mediator Standards Board

Industry board.
The MSB was established to support and promote high standards by mediators in Australia.


Website with membership database – design & build

Built on October CMS

My Role:

Account Management
UX Design

My Process / Deliverables:

Content audit
System Map / Information architecture
Public facing website
National register database system


Client contract
Lokal Workshop


Problem Statement:

Transitioning MSB from a manual, monthly upload of spreadsheets maintaining the membership list to a more automated, user controlled system. And while doing this providing clearer educations and journeys for members and potential members. 

The Mediator Standards board is the industry body for mediators in Australia. Regulating the national register of accredited mediators. 

The national register was operating as a manual monthly upload of spreadsheet files, surfaced through a Drupal CMS. And the journey to registering and renewing was cumbersome and confusing for users.  

The brief was to:
1. Reduce time and potential for error in backend administration 
2. Improve the user experience dramatically

The Team: Working with the Lokal Workshop team: 
Alex Vavich – UI Designer
Adrian Adermann – Motion Designer
And Code 4 developer Dan Miles building the site in October CMS.


1. Technical ability for ongoing management

The incumbent website database was managed by updating excel spreadsheets each month manually. The new system developed in October CMS was far more efficient, but this did involve a significant level of training for the MSB team to understand and manage the platform.

2. Requirements for copy

Copy needed to be vetted through the appropriate channels. Due to legal industry requirements, copy was often lengthy and verbose.

Condensing the communication to be clear and succinct was a challenge. 

3. Multiple decision makers

It was required to consider the input of all board members in this process. At times these were in conflict with each other. In addition to: current accredited members on the national registry and potential future members. 


Information sifting and taxonomy
As a team, we sifted through the incumbent site which included over 50 pages and 80 downloadable pdf’s. We simplified the content into clearer categories and were able to create a clean sitemap.

MSB – Sitemap

Brand presentation
MSB was still in its infancy in presenting its value to the industry. And therefore a professional presentation was required to continue gaining this trust. 

Mediator Standards Board – Project

Membership registration platform
Creating a site that both new mediators and returning members could navigate and register was imperative. While the process required a significant amount of steps and documentation, the experience through the website was now a much smoother journey. 

Reduction in superflous copy 
While the reduction of copy continued to be a difficult issue throughout this project due to legal requirements, healthy concessions were made and the site presented the purpose and actions of the MSB succinctly and effectively. 

Mediator Standards Board – Browser Screen

Instructional animated videos
Short animated videos were created to guide new and returning members through the required process of becoming accredited. 

Instruction videos reinforced with illustrated steps
In addition to the animated videos, these short, illustrated lists were created to assist the journey to accreditation for users. 



Migration of data to new database platform


partners informed and educated on the new platform


members migrated and informed of the new process


pdf documents reformated and filed for easier access

"Garth is a considered and pragmatic creative. Beyond Garth's creativity, he is also a leader, able to build and align a team on a shared vision in an organic fashion. With his inclusive demeanour, you'll always feel at ease working with Garth."
Dan Miles - Engineer for MSB
Dan Miles
Engineer, Code 4