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Spotify for Artists

Digital music streaming service.
Student project.


Desktop Application – Student Project with Academy Xi.

Creating a new feature to connect fans and artists more authentically.

My Role:

UX Research
UX Design
UI Design

My Process / Deliverables:

User interviews
Competitor analysis

Persona creation
Information architecture
User journeys
High fidelity prototype


Student Project
through Acadamy Xi


Problem Statement:

Artists want to connect more authentically with their audience but face limitations in how they can do this on the Spotify platform.

After hearing the disconnect artists feel between themselves and their audience through Spotify, the challenge was to hear from artists in how this connection could be reestablished – more “like the music scene of the 90’s”.

Big thanks to professional musicians: Danny Stitt, Shannon Stitt, Daniel March and Alex Gibson who, as Spotify for Artists users, assisted in guiding the direction of this project.


1. Lack of financial incentive leaves artists reluctant to invest into Spotify

From the research I conducted, musicians shared that they see very little financial return from Spotify. Which means they invest limited energy into content on the platform.

2. A culture of dismissive consumerism has developed

Not only through Spotify, but in many areas of culture an expectation to be able to consume in volume and at pace has developed. This is in comparison to days gone by where music listeners would pour over album art and content for hours. 

3. Artists are craving human connection

“If I could choose the music scene of the 90’s or today, I would choose the 90’s.” – this is the sentiment from the musicians I spoke with. Predominately based on the fan to musician interaction. 


How might we create ways to engage with fans for artists so that they can create more meaningful connections?


User interviews
Interviews were conducted with four professional full-time musicians. The understanding of the way these artists use Spotify for Artists along with the challenges faced helped me have a clear grasp of the project. Shared insights and solutions from this discussion directly influenced the developed features in Spotify for Artists. 

Persona development
A persona was created after conducting the interviews and further desktop research. Then processing the insights through affinity and empathy mapping. 

Spotify - Persona

User journey
This detailed User Journey gathers a number of the key insights from the research phase. Then categorises them in combination with key business phases and tangible touch-points. 

User flow
This User Flow builds on the current user flow with a recommended future state user flow. By doing this I could address this intersection to ensure a smooth transition for users. 

Spotify – User Flow

Low-fi wireframe
This low-fi wireframe provided the direction for the final prototype. 

Spotify – LoFi Wireframes

Login screen
The entry point for Spotify for Artists remains largely the same. Except for highlighting the sub-brand blue-purple to clearly communicate the differentiation to the artist (as compared to the Spotify platform). 

Spotify for Artists – Login

Integrated into the current UI
Call To Actions were implemented strategically on the current pages to guide the user towards the use of the new features. 

Onboarding of users onto new feature
Further explanation is provided on the new feature – Superfans (all additions directly suggested through the research phase). Artists are informed of the details and the benefits of setting up their account to attract Superfans.

An easy checklist is provided to highlight the additional content artists can add into Spotify. While at anytime they can publish and get started.  

Artists can add more content over time – and in turn providing a better experience for Superfans. 

Making the onboarding easy
By allowing artist to gain access to their current following through direct messaging through the Spotify platform, artists are able to build a closer connection with their fans. 

Spotify for Artists – Messaging

Differentiation – by the introduction of ‘Superfans’
By setting up as a Verified Superfan Artist, artists are not only increasing their ability to engage with their audience at a more personal level, but also improving the likelihood in increased financial benefit through the Spotify platform. 

Spotify for Artists – Welcome

Additional analytics using current UI
By providing clear analytics, Spotify can provide artists with further visibility for decision making. 

Spotify for Artists – Superfans Audience

Helpful quantitative user/fan feedback
Fan feedback is segmented and presented in an engaging way for the artists. Empowering them to listen to their audience, and respond to what they’re wanting.

Spotify for Artists – Superfans Feedback

Helpful qualitative user/fan feedback
Not only quantitative data, but also qualitative data is presented to artist. 

Spotify for Artists – Superfans Feedback Popup

More transparency through analytics
Deeper fan insights along with income data is presented freely and openly to the artist. 

Additionally this data is exposed in context and as part of a greater trend. Being able to compare various income sources against each other. 

Spotify for Artists – Superfans Income
"Impressive! Well done. Your design is consistent with the current Spotify site and the added features directly address the voiced felt need from the user."
Academy Xi