Celebration of global cultures

Coinciding with SMBC celebrating  their 100 anniversary, they not only wanted to acknowledge the past but also look forward to the future.

100 for 100 is a program established to provide theological education for men and women around the world who may not have access in their local context.

Harnessing the wealth of Australians to donate, the insight from graduates on the ground around the world to choose worthy candidates and the willingness and enthusiasm of international students.

This program educates these students and also enriches the lives of all on campus at SMBC with their presence.

Client: 100 for 100
Project: Brand, print media & video
Project – 100 of 100
100 for 100 – World Globe
100 for 100 – Booklet
100 for 100 – Booklet


100 for 100 is a scholarship program. Providing theological education for those who may not have access in their context.


Creating a fun, playful brand to spark interest from potential donors. Also developing powerful communication to connect with this audience. 


The hero piece of this campaign is a two video series shot in Cambodia and Malaysia of SMBC graduates. Showcasing the potential impacts of this program.


Creative Direction:
Garth Lidbetter

Claire Jurd & Garth Lidbetter

Adrian Adermann

Preparing scholarships for overseas students. Providing the opportunity for men and women, who have no access to suitable theological education in their local overseas context.

Client: 100 for 100
Project: Brand, print media & video

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