Investing with positive impacts

An investment firm with a heart!

Brightlight is a major player in shifting expectations of what investing is and can be. With a wealth of experience in an area that is only recently getting recognition in the mass market, Brightlight has a bright future. 

Brightlight is an investment management and advisory firm focused on the delivery of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Partnering with clients across the responsible, ethical and impact investment landscape to positively transform lives, working globally across all asset classes and impact themes.

Client: Brightlight
Project: Website Design & Build
Brightlight – Project
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Brightlight is an investment management and advisory firm. Focused on responsible, ethical and impact investments. 


In the early startup phases of Brightlight, Lokal Workshop was engaged to present the significant experience of the founding team members.  


The website was structured to provide users with an experience that built trust while inspiring the possibility of aspirational, positive change in the world.

This to provide a foundation for the future. Both of Brightlight, and in turn a better world.  

WordPress is used as a CMS for easy updating of future projects.


Creative Direction:
Garth Lidbetter

Daniel Malik & Alex Vavich

Portrait Photography: 
Jeremy Shaw

About Lokal Workshop:

"A rare combination of strategic understanding and excellence in delivery."

Jai Sharma

Brightlight – Team
Client: Brightlight
Project: Website Design & Build

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